Kinorhynchs are eurybathic (from zero to 17,390 ft [0 to 5,300 m]), euryhaline (from 7 ppt in estuaries to 60 ppt in tide pools), and eurythermic (from 29.3 to 104°F [-1.5 to 40°C]).

Mesobenthic or interstitial species of kinorhynchs live in the interstices between large sediment particles; endobenthic species burrow by displacing small sediment particles in muddy sediments; and epibenthic species live at the watersediment interface or in the suspended flocculent material on the surface of marine algae and invertebrates. They usually are found within the few uppermost inches of muddy sediments, depending on the oxygen gradient. In sand or shell-gravel of high-energy beaches, kinorhynchs are found at depths of 3.3 ft (1 m) or more. Most prefer mud, or mud mixed with sand, with a high organic content.

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