Evolution and systematics

The name "Kinorhyncha" comes from the Greek words kinema (motion) and rhynchos (proboscis or snout). Kinorhyncha is considered either a class within the phylum As-chelminthes or a separate phylum with close relationships to aschelminth worms. However, the Kinorhyncha was later included as a class in the phylum Cephalorhyncha, established for four classes of Aschelminthes: Priapulida, Kinorhyncha, Loricifera, and Nematomorpha.

Treated here as a phylum, Kinorhyncha encompasses two orders, five suborders, 10 families, 15 genera, and about 150 species. The two orders are: Cyclorhagida (with families Zelinkaderi-dae, Antigomonidae, Cateridae, Semnoderidae, Centroderidae, Echinoderidae, Dracoderidae, and Cephalorhynchidae), and Homalorhagida (with families Pycnophyidae and Neocentro-phyidae). There is no fossil record for the Kinorhyncha.

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