Little is known about the behavior of tapeworms in the intestine of the host. It seems that most of the tapeworms are permanently attached during their entire life at a certain site of the intestinal wall. However, there are well-documented observations on circadian migrations of Hymenolepis diminuta (Hymenolepididae) from one microhabitat to another in the intestine of rats. This migration depends on the host feeding and digestion. When the gut of the rat is empty, the worms of this species are situated in the posterior region of the small intestine. However, as the content of the stomach passes into the intestine, they rapidly migrate towards the duodenum.

Essentials of Human Physiology

Essentials of Human Physiology

This ebook provides an introductory explanation of the workings of the human body, with an effort to draw connections between the body systems and explain their interdependencies. A framework for the book is homeostasis and how the body maintains balance within each system. This is intended as a first introduction to physiology for a college-level course.

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