Significance to humans

Some mysids are used as fish food in commercial aquaculture. On the Island of Jersey, mysids are compounded into a paste called "cherve," which is sold to mullet anglers for bait. In the Orient, mysids are harvested commercially for human consumption. In Japan, Neomysis intermedia and N. japonica are used for tsukudani, a popular dish made with soy sauce.

Mysids are also used for scientific research. They are excellent experimental organisms because they are easy to collect, relatively easy to handle, and stay healthy in the laboratory for long periods of time.

1. Amathimysis trigibba; 2. Stygiomysis cokei; S. Mysis relicta; 4. Hemimysis margalefi; 5. Spelaeomysis bottazzii. (Illustration by Dan Erickson)
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