Reproductive Biology

Mating occurs primarily in spring and early summer. Has elaborate courtship ritual, which can last for hours. Female and male will grasp each other's pincers and jaws, and dance back and forth. Eventually, male deposits spermatophore on the ground and pulls female to it. She picks up the sac with a special organ on abdomen to fertilize it. Its gestation period and maturity period varies, depending on climatic and environmental conditions, with shorter periods for each in warmer parts of habitat. Embryos are nourished in female's body through pla-cental connection. Probably has gestation period of 6-12 months, with maturity period probably of 1-2 years. Females give birth to up to 50 young at one time, but averages about 30. After birth, young climb on mother's back and soon molt. After first molt, they disperse and lead independent lives. They molt an average of six times before maturity.


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