Reproductive Biology

Mating behavior is unobserved at present. Eggs are laid on plants or bark. Young hatch as juveniles.


SIGNIFICANCE TO HUMANS An intellectual curiosity. ♦


Swain, R., and C. I. Reid. "Observations on the Life History and Ecology of Anaspides tasmaniae." Journal of Crustacean Biology 3 (1983): 163-172.

Les Watling, PhD

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Phylum Arthropoda Subphylum Crustacea Class Malacostraca Order Euphausiacea Number of families 2

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Small marine crustaceans known as "krill" that are found in all the world's oceans and are critical to the marine ecosystem, providing a link between plankton and larger species in the food chain

Photo: Krill (Euphausia superba) cooked by thermal water on Deception Island, Antarctica. (Photo by John Shaw. Bruce Coleman, Inc. Reproduced by permission.)

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