Reproductive Biology

Simultaneous hermaphrodite. Reproduces year round by transfer of spermatophores and intradermic penetration of sperm cells.





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Eeckhaut, I., and M. Jangoux. "Fine Structure of the

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Igor Eeckhaut, PhD

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Phylum Annelida Subphylum Clitellata Class Oligochaeta Number of families 17

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Terrestrial worms that typically dwell in soil and that are characterized by a "tube within a tube" construction, with an outer muscular body wall surrounding a digestive tract that begins with the mouth in the first segment and ends with the anus in the last segment

Photo: A giant earthworm (Haplotaxida) burrows back into the moist leaf litter in the subtropical rainforest floor. (Photo by Wayne Lawler/Photo Researchers, Inc. Reproduced by permission.)

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