Physical Characteristics

Measures up to 4.7 in (12 cm) in length with legs and only 2 in (5 cm) with body. Males are smaller and lighter than females, but have longer legs. Both sexes are yellowish in color. Has eight legs (four pairs), and body is in two parts: prosoma and opisthosoma (which has no pedicel, and consists of 11 somites). Has very powerful chelicerae; pedipalpi do not end in a claw but rather in a suctorial organ, and first pair of legs is long and thin, and not used for walking but as feelers. Bodies and legs are hairy. Respiratory system contains well-developed tracheal system. Has very long legs, terminal anus, and exterior lobes of propeltidium are fused posteriorly. Male cheliceral flagel-lum is a single, capitate (terminally enlarged), paraxially moveable seta located on mesial surface. Female operculae are not differentiated from other abdominal sternites and are not variable. Two eyes are placed on small projection near fore-edge of propeltidium.

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