Physical Characteristics

Female entire length 0.18 in (4.8 mm). Carapace length 0.11 in (3 mm), depth 0.07 in (2 mm), emarginate, dorsally convex, anterior and posterior margin rounded, 3.6 times length of rostrum, posterior margin reaching pleonite four, surface not sculptured. Rostrum length 2.8 times width, greatest depth 0.2 times length, subterminal spine present, keel absent. Eyestalks pigmented, dorsal margin slightly convex, without denticles or cuticular outgrowths. Caudal furca 2.4 times long as wide, 1.5 times as long as telson. Juvenile male (fully mature male has not been found) entire length 0.17 in (4.4 mm).

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