Remipedes live exclusively in submerged caves (anchialine caves) found near the sea on islands or along the coast. An-chialine caves are caves that have surface openings on land and subsurface connections to the sea. This habitat is accessible only by trained cave divers using special scuba techniques and equipment. Anchialine caves typically have a fresh or brackish layer of water overlying deeper marine water. The density interface or halocline also delineates differences in temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen. Remipedes live in the dark, beneath the density interface in waters that are low in dissolved oxygen. They live in an ecosystem that includes other troglobitic crustaceans, most commonly thermosbae-naceans, cirolanid isopods, caridean shrimp, and amphipods. Blind cave fish are occasionally found in the cave systems where remipedes live. With the exception of one Mexican cave system, all known locations of remipedes contain very few individuals. Most species are quite rare, and fewer than 10 individuals can be observed during a typical cave dive.

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