Dr. Konrad Klemmer E

Curator, Senckenberg Nature I

Museum and Research Institute i

Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Dr. Erich Klinghammer Laboratory of Ethology, Purdue University

Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A.

Dr. Heinz-Georg Klös

Professor and Director, Zoological


Berlin, Germany

Ursula Klös Zoological Garden Berlin, Germany

Dr. Otto Koehler Professor Emeritus, Zoological Institute, University of Freiburg Freiburg i. BR., Germany

Dr. Kurt Kolar

Institute of Ethology, Austrian Academy of Sciences Vienna, Austria

State Ornithological Station of BadenWürttemberg Ludwigsburg, Germany

Dr. Adriaan Kortlandt

Zoological Laboratory, University of


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dr. Helmut Kraft

Professor and Scientific Councillor,

Medical Animal Clinic, University of


Munich, Germany

Dr. Helmut Kramer Zoological Research Institute and A. Koenig Museum Bonn, Germany

Dr. Franz Krapp

Zoological Institute, University of Freiburg

Freiburg, Switzerland Dr. Otto Kraus

Professor, University of Hamburg, and Director, Zoological Institute and Museum

Hamburg, Germany Dr. Hans Krieg

Professor and First Director (retired), Scientific Collections of the State of Bavaria

Munich, Germany

Dr. Heinrich Kühl Federal Research Institute for Fisheries, Cuxhaven Laboratory Cuxhaven, Germany

Dr. Oskar Kuhn Professor, formerly University Halle/Saale Munich, Germany

Dr. Hans Kumerloeve First Director (retired), State Scientific Museum, Vienna Munich, Germany

Dr. Nagamichi Kuroda Yamashina Ornithological Institute, Shibuya-Ku Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Fred Kurt

Zoological Museum of Zurich University, Smithsonian Elephant Survey

Colombo, Ceylon

Dr. Werner Ladiges Professor and Chief Curator, Zoological Institute and Museum, University of Hamburg Hamburg, Germany

Leslie Laidlaw

Department of Animal Sciences, Purdue University Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A.

Dr. Ernst M. Lang Director, Zoological Garden Basel, Switzerland

Dr. Alfredo Langguth Department of Zoology, Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, University of the Republic Montevideo, Uruguay

Leo Lehtonen Science Writer Helsinki, Finland

Bernd Leisler

Second Zoological Institute University of Vienna Vienna, Austria

Dr. Kurt Lillelund Professor and Director, Institute for Hydrobiology and Fishery Sciences, University of Hamburg Hamburg, Germany

R. Liversidge

Alexander MacGregor Memorial Museum

Kimberley, South Africa

Dr. Konrad Lorenz Professor and Director, Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology Seewiesen/Obb., Germany

Dr. Martin Lühmann Federal Research Institute for the Breeding of Small Animals Celle, Germany

Dr. Johannes Lüttschwager Oberstudienrat (retired) Heidelberg, Germany

Dr. Wolfgang Makatsch Bautzen, Germany

Dr. Hubert Markl

Professor and Director, Zoological

Institute, Technical University of


Darmstadt, Germany

Basil J. Marlow, B.SC. (Hons) Curator, Australian Museum Sydney, Australia

Dr. Theodor Mebs Instructor of Biology Weissenhaus/Ostsee, Germany

Dr. Gerlof Fokko Mees Curator of Birds, Rijks Museum of Natural History Leiden, The Netherlands

Hermann Meinken

Director, Fish Identification Institute,

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