The highest diversity of patellid species in the world occurs along the rocky shores of southern Africa. Patella faunas also occur in Western Europe and Australia. The highest diversity of Acmaeina species occurs around the Pacific Rim, while the Nacellidae reach their highest diversity in the tropical and warm temperate Pacific Ocean. Often, patellogastropod

The ventral side of a member of the genus Patella. (Photo by S. Pi-raino [University of Leece]. Reproduced by permission.)

faunas represent an aggregation of lineages accumulated through geological time and are subject to the vagaries of colonization, origination, radiation, and extinction. Australia, like southern Africa, is the most diverse, with representatives of patellid, nacellid, and lottiid lineages. In Chile, only na-cellid and lottiid lineages are present; in Europe, there are only lottiid and patellid taxa; and only lottiid species are found in the western United States.

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