Contributing illustrators

Drawings by Michigan Science Art

Joseph E. Trumpey, Director, AB, MFA

Science Illustration, School of Art and Design, University of Michigan

Wendy Baker, ADN, BFA

Ryan Burkhalter, BFA, MFA

Brian Cressman, BFA, MFA

Emily S. Damstra, BFA, MFA

Maggie Dongvillo, BFA

Barbara Duperron, BFA, MFA

Jarrod Erdody, BA, MFA

Dan Erickson, BA, MS

Patricia Ferrer, AB, BFA, MFA

George Starr Hammond, BA, MS, PhD

Gillian Harris, BA

Maps by XNR Productions

Paul Exner, Chief cartographer XNR Productions, Madison, WI

Tanya Buckingham

Jon Daugherity

Jonathan Higgins, BFA, MFA Amanda Humphrey, BFA Emilia Kwiatkowski, BS, BFA Jacqueline Mahannah, BFA, MFA John Megahan, BA, BS, MS Michelle L. Meneghini, BFA, MFA Katie Nealis, BFA Laura E. Pabst, BFA Amanda Smith, BFA, MFA Christina St.Clair, BFA Bruce D. Worden, BFA Kristen Workman, BFA, MFA

Thanks are due to the University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology, which provided specimens that served as models for the images.

Laura Exner Andy Grosvold Cory Johnson Paula Robbins

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