Conservation status

Anostracan species with wide geographic ranges are usually under little or no threat. In such densely inhabited areas as California's central valley, however, where there is intense competition between urban and agricultural development on the one hand and conservation efforts on the other, many vernal pools have either been drained already or are threatened by obliteration. To a lesser extent, the same is true of endemic species in Baja California and other arid regions of Mexico. Such Florida endemics as Dexteria floridana may already be extinct. The 2002 IUCN Red List includes 28 anostracan species: six are categorized as Critically Endangered; nine as Endangered; 10 as Vulnerable; one as Lower Risk/Conservation Dependent; one as Lower Risk/Near Threatened; and one as Data Deficient. In the United States, five fairy shrimp species are listed as endangered; in California three of these species have been provided with habitat in an attempt to protect them.

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Diabetes 2

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