Nocturnal; during day, it generally lives in wide variety of places that are usually associated with base of tree trunks. Some places can be within buttressing near tree bases, deep in crevices on trunks, in burrows (dug by other animals) or other holes at base of large trunks, and sometimes behind bark. Typically, only one animal resides in a crevice; however, one male and one female may live together. One tree trunk may house many individuals. Males change resting location more often than females; it is assumed that females may be more sedentary and males may wander more in search of mates; moves with a sideways motion. Generally solitary, but majority of interactions occurs between two aggressive males or between males and females residing in same crevice or home spot. Rather docile creature that is easily frightened. When responding to threat, will use speed for escape, rarely remaining to fight enemy. If necessary, it will use palps for pinching when disturbed or under attack by enemies.

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