Webbased Methods In Psychology

Since the beginning (i.e., when the interactive Web became available with the advent of forms in HTML standard 2.0), this technology has been used in psychological research. The first psychological questionnaires appeared in 1994. Krantz, Ballard, and Scher (1997) and Reips (1997) conducted the first Internet-based experiments in the summer of 1995, and Reips opened the first virtual laboratory in September 1995 (Web Experimental Psychology Lab: http://www.psychologie.unizh.ch/sowi/Ulf/Lab/ WebExpPsyLab.html1). Studies conducted via the World Wide Web (WWW) have grown exponentially since 1995, when researchers began to take advantage of the new standard for HTML, which allowed for convenient data collection (Müsch & Reips, 2000).

To get an overall impression of the kinds of psychological studies currently in progress on the Web, the reader may visit studies linked at the Web Experimental Psychology Lab or at the following Web sites:

Web experiment list (Reips & Lengler, 2005):

http://genpsylab-wexlist.unizh.ch/ Web survey list:

http://genpsylab-wexlist.unizh.ch/ browse.cfm?action=browse&modus=survey Psychological Research on the Net by Krantz: http ://psych. hanover. edu/research/ exponnet.html International Personality Item Pool by Goldberg:

http://ipip. ori. org/ipip/ Online Social Psychology Studies by Pious:

http://www.socialpsychology.org/expts.htm Decision Research Center by Birnbaum: http ://psych. fullerton. edu/mbirnbaum/ decisions/thanks.htm

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