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For readers planning a new multimethod study we recommend a three-step approach:

1. Go through the chapters of the first and second part presenting the different multimethod strategies and measurement methods. Decide for each method if its inclusion in your research programs would enhance the quality of your study and if it could lead to new and innovative insights.

2. Read the application chapters in Part IV Examine how other research groups have set multimethod research programs into action. Get inspired by the successful implementation of multimethod strategies in different domains of psychology.

3. Consult the chapters in Part III (Methods of Data Analysis) to decide which data-analytic method fits the study you are planning. Select the method before planning the study in detail and particularly before collecting data. Think about whether or not you need to change your research plan to apply your chosen data-analytic method. Adapt your research plan to allow an optimal application of those methods chosen for analyzing your data.

Sometimes readers will decide that the multimethod research program cannot be realized without the assistance of other research groups that have the needed competence in applying one specific method. In this case, we would strongly encourage readers to establish multimethod research networks. We hope this handbook will not only contribute to the development of multimethod research and assessment programs, but also to the establishment of new and innovative multimethod networks of scientists.

Chapter 2

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