Cross-disciplinary, multilevel research is an increasingly salient feature of contemporary science in general and of psychology in particular. It is a trend that will undoubtedly continue. Realization of the full potential of the explosive developments within neurosciences, genetics, and molecular biology will require the integration of this information within the broader knowledge base concerning higher level behavioral, cognitive, and social psychological domains. It may appear to be a rather daunting task to integrate, for example, cellular biology with social psychology, but it is a task that must be accomplished. The principles of multiple determinism, reciprocal determinism, and nonadditive determinism, together with their corollaries, offer some strategic guidelines to organize such efforts. The ultimate goal of this enterprise is not to obliterate social sciences in a puff of substitutionism, but rather to promote meaningful reductionism and extensionism so that knowledge and constructs at multiple levels of organization and analysis can mutually inform, elucidate, and constrain theory and research at other levels. This goal may never be finalized, but it is already apparent that keen insights and important scientific developments can be derived from multilevel research approaches and interdisciplinary theoretical systems that can integrates information across levels of organization and analysis.

Chapter 13

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