Section Iv Applications

CHAPTER 22 Roberts, Brent W; Harms, Peter; Smith, Jennifer L; Wood, Dustin;

Webb, Michelle Using Multiple Methods in Personality

Psychology pp 321-335

CHAPTER 23 Larsen, Randy J; Prizmic-Larsen, Zvjezdana

Measuring Emotions: Implications of a Multimethod Perspective pp 337-351

CHAPTER 24 Benjamin, Aaron S Multimethod Approaches to the Study of Cognition: The Evolution of Concepts in Research on Human Memory pp 353-369

CHAPTER 25 Morris, Amanda Sheffield; Robinson, Lara R; Eisenberg, Nancy Applying a Multimethod Perspective to the Study of Developmental Psychology pp 371-384

CHAPTER 26 Smith, Richard H.; Harris, Monica J. Multimethod Approaches in Social Psychology: Between- and Within-Method Replication and Multimethod

Assessment pp 385-400

CHAPTER 27 Burns, G. Leonard; Haynes, Stephen N.

Clinical Psychology: Construct Validation With Multiple Sources of Information and Multiple Settings pp 401-418

CHAPTER 28 Knauper, Barbel; Klein, Rupert Multimethod Approaches in Health

Psychology pp 419-427

CHAPTER 29 Miner, Andrew G.; Hulin, Charles L.

Multimethods in Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Expanding "Methods" to Include Longitudinal

Designs pp 429-439

CHAPTER 30 Marsh, Herbert W.; Martin, Andrew J.;

Hau, Kit-Tai A Multimethod Perspective on Self-Concept Research in Educational Psychology: A Construct Validity

Approach pp 441-456

CHAPTER 31 Diener, Ed; Eid, Michael The Finale: Take-Home Messages From the Editors pp 457-463

Chapter 1

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