5HT2a receptors

McN 5652

Serotonin transporter


NMDA receptors

as assessment of the dopaminergic system in patients with Parkinson's disease (Kaasinen & Rinne, 2002).

The binding potential (level at which ligands bind) is affected by factors such as synaptic competition, receptor internalization, and changes in affinity states of receptors following stimulation (Laruelle & Huang, 2001). This allows PET imaging to assess the effects of medications on the functioning of different neurotransmitter systems and has provided insights into the occupancy levels necessary to achieve therapeutic effects (Fowler et al., 1999). Moreover, in some cases it has become possible to examine the degree to which behavioral tasks cause endogenous release of neurotransmitters (Koepp et al., 1998; Zald et al., 2004; Zubieta et al., 2001).

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