Instruments of Measurement

Several different instruments are often offered as measures of the same construct (e.g., the many parent and teacher rating scales of ADHD and ODD). If only a single instrument is used in a multitrait by multisource study, then the construct validity results are limited to the specific instrument (e.g., the generalizability of the Child Behavior Checklist constructs across parent and teacher sources rather than the generalizability of the constructs across sources). The use of multiple instruments within the same method of measurement can begin to address this issue. However, a problem can occur when instruments are simply selected because they share the same "title" without a careful considera tion if the multiple measures of depression, as an example, differ in facets, modes, and dimensions of measurement. If the scales measure different facets, modes, and dimensions of depression, then it is difficult to interpret the convergent correlations among the instruments.

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