Note. These correlations were based only on female subjects (male profiles are parallel). N - 39,695. Intercorrelations for the three measures were the following: literature/vocabulary = .74, literature/reading comprehension = .71, and vocabulary/reading comprehension = .77. Correlations across the three profiles were all > .90, whereas congruence coefficients across the three profiles were all > .95. Modified and reproduced by special permission of the Publisher CPP Inc. Mountain View, CA 94043, from "Aptitudes, skills, and proficiencies" by D. Lubinski & R. V Dawis, in Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (2nd ed., Vol. 3), by M. D. Dunnette & L. M. Hough (Eds.). Copyright 1992 by CPP Inc. All rights reserved. Future reproduction is prohibited without the Publisher's written consent.

validity analyses are preformed, which used both general and specific measures, can it be determined whether general or specific variance is operating (cf. Figure 8.3)—or whether both are. This is critical for making valid inferences about the operative constructs). This is also useful for stopping the superfluous proliferation of tests purporting to measure "new" constructs, but which in reality measure familiar things that we already have excellent measures of (the jangle fallacy).

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