(b) A Corresponding Hierarchical Factor Matrix

(a) Radex Scaling for 10 Tests

A, A2 A, B, B2 B3 C, C, C, (c) The Associated Hierarchical Factor Diagram

FIGURE 8.1. This is a hypothetical example illustrating the degree of overlap between the radex and hierarchical factor model. From "The Topography of Ability and Learning Correlations" (p. 61), by R. E. Snow, R L. Kyllonen, and B. Marchalek in Advances in the Psychology of Human Intelligence (Vol. 2), R.J. Sternberg, Ed., 1984, New Jersey: Erlbaum. Copyright 1984. Reprinted with permission.

this space. Complex, abstract, and content free tests are familiar tests of fluid abilities (GF), whereas more crystallized (Gc) and visualization (Gv) tests are more content focused and a bit less complex. Other more content-focused tests are in this space as well.2 As the next section illustrates, other competency tests may be found in this space (i.e., the space defined by conventional ability tests), which highlights the ever present need for establishing convergent, discriminant, and incremental validity3

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