FIGURE 20.2. Parameter estimates for the single-indicator CTUM model and the CTC(M-l) model. CTUM model: correlated trait/uncorrelated method model; CTC(M-l) model: correlated trait/correlated method model with one method factor less than methods considered. Yjfe: observed variable, j: trait, k: method; T: trait factor; Mfe: method factor; EJk: error variable. Unstandardized parameter estimates and standardized parameter estimates (in parentheses) are depicted. Error variances and reliabilities can be found in Table 20.2.

not generalize strongly across traits. This was also revealed by the large differences between the loadings belonging to the same method factor in the CTUM model (standardized loadings between .26 and .98). The reliabilities were rather low, indicat ing that the true reliabilities might have been underestimated in the two models. The higher reliabilities found for the CTUM model are due to the fact that the method factors explain a certain amount of true variance. The consistency and

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