FIGURE 7.3. Computer-adaptive sequential test (CAST) panel.

FIGURE 7.3. Computer-adaptive sequential test (CAST) panel.

so that approximately one third of the examinees are administered Modules 3E, 3M, and 3H.

CAST represents a compromise between CATs, which are created on the fly and consequently cannot be reviewed by test developers prior to administration, and conventional tests, which are not adaptive but can be carefully studied by test developers to ensure that they satisfy content requirements. A CAST is not as psychometrically efficient as a maximum information item selection CAT, but many testing programs constrain item selection to satisfy content specification and therefore become less than optimal. Martha Stocking (2000, personal communication), a leading psychometrician at the Educational Testing Service, has described the Graduate Record Examination CAT as a BAT—a barely adaptive test—because there are so many constraints on item selection that its adaptivity is greatly reduced.

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