James N Butcher

WAYS COMPUTERS ARE USED IN CLINICAL ASSESSMENT 142 Scoring and Data Analysis 142 Profiling and Charting of Test Results 142 Listing of Possible Interpretations 142 Evolution of More Complex Test Interpretation and

Report Generation 142 Adapting the Administration of Test Items 143 Decision Making by Computer 143 Internet-Based Test Applications 143 EQUIVALENCE OF COMPUTER-ADMINISTERED TESTS AND TRADITIONAL METHODS 144 Comparability of Psychiatric Screening by Computer and

Clinical Interview 144 Comparability of Standard and Computer-

Administered Questionnaires 144 Equivalence of Standard and Computer-Administered

Neuropsychological Tests 145 Equivalence of Computer-Based and Traditional Personnel Screening Methods 146 COMPUTER-BASED PERSONALITY NARRATIVES 146 Steps in the Development of a Narrative Report 146 Responsibilities of Users of Computer-Based Reports 147

Illustration of a Computer-Based Narrative Report 147

VALIDITY RESEARCH ON COMPUTERIZED NARRATIVE REPORTS 147 Narrative Reports in Personality Assessment 148 Neuropsychological Assessment 150 Evaluation of Computerized Structured Interviews 150 PAST LIMITATIONS AND UNFULFILLED DREAMS 151 OFFERING PSYCHOLOGICALASSESSMENT SERVICES VIA THE INTERNET 154 Test Security 154

Assurance That the Norms for the Test Are Appropriate for Internet Application 154 Assurance That the Individual Taking the Test Has the Cooperative Response Set Present in the Normative Sample 154 The Internet Version of the Test Needs to Have Reliability and Validity Demonstrated 154 THE ACCEPTANCE AND ETHICS OF COMPUTER-BASED

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