Editorial Board

Volume 1

History of Psychology

Donald K. Freedheim, PhD Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio

Volume 2

Research Methods in Psychology

John A. Schinka, PhD University of South Florida Tampa, Florida

Wayne F. Velicer, PhD University of Rhode Island Kingston, Rhode Island

Volume 3

Biological Psychology

Michela Gallagher, PhD Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland

Randy J. Nelson, PhD Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio

Volume 4

Experimental Psychology

Alice F. Healy, PhD University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado

Robert W. Proctor, PhD Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana

Volume 5

Personality and Social Psychology

Theodore Millon, PhD Institute for Advanced Studies in

Personology and Psychopathology Coral Gables, Florida

Melvin J. Lerner, PhD Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, Florida

Volume 6

Developmental Psychology

Richard M. Lerner, PhD M. Ann Easterbrooks, PhD Jayanthi Mistry, PhD

Tufts University Medford, Massachusetts

Volume 7

Educational Psychology

William M. Reynolds, PhD Humboldt State University Arcata, California

Gloria E. Miller, PhD University of Denver Denver, Colorado

Volume 8

Clinical Psychology

George Stricker, PhD Adelphi University Garden City, New York

Thomas A. Widiger, PhD University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky

Volume 9 Health Psychology

Arthur M. Nezu, PhD Christine Maguth Nezu, PhD Pamela A. Geller, PhD

Drexel University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Volume 10

Assessment Psychology

John R. Graham, PhD Kent State University Kent, Ohio

Jack A. Naglieri, PhD George Mason University Fairfax, Virginia

Volume 11 Forensic Psychology

Alan M. Goldstein, PhD John Jay College of Criminal

Justice-CUNY New York, New York

Volume 12

Industrial and Organizational


Walter C. Borman, PhD University of South Florida Tampa, Florida

Daniel R. Ilgen, PhD Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan

Richard J. Klimoski, PhD George Mason University Fairfax, Virginia

Parents are powerful forces in the development of their sons and daughters. In recognition of that positive influence, we dedicate our efforts on this book to the loving memory of Craig Parris (1910-2001) and Sam Naglieri (1926-2001).

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