Ventral Thoracic Muscles

There are four surface muscles in the thoracic region of the cat but only one on the human. The four muscles in the cat are called the pectoralis group. They are the pectoantebrachialis, pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, and xiphihumeralis.

The most caudal ("inferior") muscle of the group is the xiphihumeralis. This narrow muscle has no homologue in humans (homologue = a structure with the same position and/or function). The pectoralis minor is cephalad ("superior") to the xiphihumeralis on the cat and is wider than the pectoralis major. On the human the pectoralis minor is a deep muscle with three parts underneath the pectoralis major.

The pectoralis major of the cat may appear to have two parts. This is because the pectoantebrachialis runs superficially over the pectoralis major. There is no homologue to the pectoantebrachialis in humans.

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