There are twelve pair of ribs corresponding to the twelve thoracic vertebrae. The ribs join the thoracic vertebrae at the facets and demifacets. The demifacets are half facets found on the bodies of some vertebrae. Two demifacets form a facet when the bodies of the vertebrae are put together. The ribs curve posteriorly away from the bodies, join the facets on the transverse processes, and then curve toward the front of the body. Like the vertebrae the ribs are numbered beginning with the superior pair.

Rib pairs one through seven articulate with the breastbone through a cartilaginous extension of the ribs and are called the vertebrosternal ribs. The next three pair of ribs attach to the cartilage of rib pair seven. These three pair of ribs are called the vertebrochondral ribs. The last two pair of ribs are not anteriorly attached and so they are termed the vertebral ribs or floating ribs.

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