Optional Deep Muscles of the Neck

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Exercise 17.2

To examine the deep muscles of the neck, cut the sternomastoid and sternohyoid from the sternum on the side of the cat which was most damaged during injection. Be careful not to cut the small under-lying muscles.

Deep to the sternohyoid are the sternothyroid and the thyrohyoid. The sternothyroid begins on the sternum and ends at the thyroid cartilage. The thyrohyoid begins on the thyroid cartilage and ends on the hyoid bone.

All of these neck muscles of the cat are also found in the human. In addition, the human has another muscle, the omohyoid, which runs obliquely from the scapula to the hyoid. It has a tendon which also connects it to the clavicle."

Exercise 17.3

Label the muscles in Figure 17. /. Use your textbook as a guide.

Human Musculature Under Scapula
Figure 17.1 Muscles of the Neck

Digastric Mylohyoid Omohyoid Sternocleidomastoid Sternohyoid Sternothyroid Thyrohyoid

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