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Begin with the muscles on the medial side. Note the presence of two large wide surface muscles. The lateral muscle is the sartorius, the medial muscle is the gracilis. On a human these two muscles are relatively narrow and do not hide the underlying muscles as they do in the cat. Furthermore the sartorius is an anterior muscle in the human.

Remove the gracilis and sartorius from the hip on one side to expose the deeper muscles.

Deep to the sartorius are the lateral tensor fascia lata muscle with its broad, coarse tendon and the quadriceps femoris. The quadriceps femoris as its name suggests is composed of four parts. Each part is a muscle with its own name. These four are the vastus lateralis (located laterally), rectus femoris (central), vastus medialis (medial) and the deep vastus intermedius which cannot be seen unless you pull or cut the rectus femoris out of the way.

Deep to the gracilis are two of the hamstrings and the adductors. The semitendinosus is barely visible on the medial surface close to the knee. The semimembranosus is located medial to the semitendinosus. The semitendinosus and semimembranosus are two of the hamstrings. The third hamstring will be discussed below.

Cephalad to the semimembranosus are the adductors. The adductors are adductor femoris, adductor longus, and the small pectineus. In humans the medial adductor is the adductor magnus rather than the adductor femoris.

On the lateral surface of the leg in the cat is the large biceps femoris. The biceps femoris is the third hamstring. On a human all of the hamstrings are located posteriorly. Anterior to the biceps femoris are the vastus lateralis and the tensor fascia lata which were observed from the medial side.

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