Interphase is not a stage of mitosis. Interphase is the time a nucleus spends between mitoses (plural of mitosis). During this time the DNA of the nucleus is replicated in preparation for the next mitosis.

Exercise 4.2

Examine the models of mitosis. Be sure that you can identify the phase of mitosis represented by each model and that you can place the models in correct sequence.

Exercise 4.3

Examine prepared slides of whitefish blastulae. Each slide contains more than one section through the blastula. Start with low power to locate the section of the blastula, then change to high power to see the individual cells and their nuclei.

Draw each of the four phases of mitosis. You may have to examine more than one section or more than one slide to locate all of the phases.

1. _ The genes of a cell are contained in the chemical (1) .

2. _ During prophase the DNA condenses to form visible structures called (2).

3. _ The two identical parts of each metaphase chromosome in mitosis are (3) .

4. _ List the phases of mitosis in order.

8. _ After chromatids are pulled apart in anaphase, they are called (8).

9. _ The (9) is a system of microtubules which forms during prophase.

10. _ Some of these microtubules pull the chromatids apart during (10).

Write the word true or false for each statement.

11. _ Cytokinesis and mitosis mean essentially the same thing.

12. _ Mitosis and cell division are the same thing.

13. _ The final phase of mitosis is interphase.

14. _ The centriole is an organelle which appears to play a part in mitosis.

15. __ Chromosomes begin to move apart during anaphase of mitosis.

Kangaroo Organelles



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