For each of the following descriptions write in the word from the list which best describes the action. Each word may be used more than once or not at all. There is of course only one best answer.

1. __standing on tiptoes

2. __throwing a football

3. __looking up at a flying bird

4. __bending the knee

5. __bending the toes toward the knee

6. __pursing the lips

7. __moving the arm laterally

8. __returning that arm medially

9. __clenching the hand into a fist

10. __shrugging the shoulders

11. __drooping the shoulders

12. __flexing the forearm to show off your muscles

13. __bending over to touch your toes

14. __standing back up

15. __movement of the radius around the ulna abduction plantar flexion adduction pronation circumduction rotation depression sphincter action dorsiflexion supination elevation eversion extension flexion hyperextension inversion

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