Abdominal Muscles

There are four muscles of the abdominal wall of the cat and of the human. Over these muscles are broad flat tendons, known as aponeuroses (sing. - aponeurosis).

The outermost muscle is the external oblique. Note the direction of the fasciculi in this muscle. The fasciculi are oblique to the trunk. Deep to the external oblique is the internal oblique. The fasciculi of the internal oblique run almost perpendicular to the fasciculi of the external oblique. The long segmented muscle running from the rib cage to the pubis is the rectus abdominis. The fibers of the rectus abdominis, like those of all "rectus" muscles, run parallel to the trunk.

The deepest muscle is the transverse abdominis. The fasciculi of the transverse abdominis run transverse to the trunk. Extra care must be taken to separate the extremely thin transverse abdominis, or you will cut through into the abdominal cavity. If you do cut into the abdominal cavity, stop! You will examine the digestive organs later.

Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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