Thermogenic Lypolytic Effects

Synephrine and octopamine have been shown to stimulate p3 receptors (30), the stimulation of which is thought to contribute to lypolysis and ther-mogenesis. Stimulation of the a2-adrenergic receptor is also reported to have this effect (23). To date, one placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind study evaluating the effects of a C. aurantium-containing weight loss product has been conducted (36). A total of 20 healthy adults received either the active pill (n = 9), a placebo (n = 7), or nothing (n = 4). The treatment group was given a daily pill for 6 weeks containing 975 mg C. aurantium extract (6% synephrine alkaloids), 528 mg of caffeine, and 900 mg of St. John's wort. Subjects followed an 1800 kcal/day diet and engaged in a 3-day/week training program under the guidance of an exercise physiologist. Measurements of weight, blood pressure, fat loss, and mood were taken at baseline, 3 weeks, and 6 weeks. At week 6, the treatment group lost significantly more fat (average of 3.1 kg) compared with other groups and also lost a significantly greater amount of body weight (average of 1.4 kg). No significant changes in blood pressure were seen at weeks 3 or 6, although it is unclear whether or not the treatment group took the medication prior to measurement on those days.

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