There are no known reports of OEP causing teratogenicity in humans. No effects of OEP administration on reproduction were found in 2-year tera-tological investigations (6). Specifically, reproductive investigations with OEP supplementation have been performed in mice and rats, mink, and the blue fox. In a study examining the teratogenicity of OEP, mice and rats were fed a diet containing 10% of oxidized linoleic acid. The rats, but not the mice, had babies with an increase in urogenital anomalies (61). Tauson et al. conducted reproduction studies in the male and female mink. The results of these studies suggested there was a tendency (nonsignificant) for a decreased rate of stillbirths and deaths during the first 21 days of life when the male was administered OEP. OEP administration did not affect reproductive performance (62).

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