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V. agnus-castus is available as bulk berries, bulk powder, crushed fresh or dried berry, tea (loose or in tea bags), extract, tonic, elixir, or tincture. Chasteberry products may consist of the herb alone or in combination with other herbs and vitamins. Topically, it is used primarily as the essential oil, mixed in combination with other products in cream form.

A proprietary preparation (Agnolyt) containing an alcoholic extract of V. agnus-castus (0.2% w/w) has been available in Germany since the 1950s (9). Other products using V. agnus-castus synonyms in their nomenclature are available by a myriad of manufacturers. Some single-entity brand names include Agnofem®, Agno-Sabona®, Agnucaston®, Agnufemil®, Agnuside®, Agnumens®, Agnurell®, Antimast N®, Antimast T®, Gynocastus®, Mastodynon®, and Vitex Extract®. Many combination products also contain V. agnus-castus and include, but are not limited to, the following: Herbal Premens®, Herbal Support For Women Over 45®, Dong Quai Complex, Emoton®, Feminine Herbal Complex (FM)®, Menosan®, Mulimen®, Phytoestrin®, Virilis-Gastreu S R41®, Femisana®, Lifesystem Herbal Formula 4 Women's Formula (FM) ®, PMT Complex (FM) ®, Presselin Dysmen Olin 3 N (FM) ®, Women's Formula Herbal Formula 3 (FM), and others (24).

The amount of V. agnus-castus contained in oral tablets or capsules varies depending on whether the product contains crushed fruit or extract of the berry. For example, tablet or capsule formulations have included the following: Chaste Berry 450 mg/Chase Berry Extract 50 mg, Chastetree fruit 500 mg, Chaste Berry Dried Extract 1.6-3.0 mg corresponding to 20 mg Vitex, Chaste Tree Berry Extract (0.5% agnuside) 225 mg. Commercial extract forms of chasteberry are usually standardized to contain 6% agnuside constituent (5,10). Chasteberry liquid extract may or may not contain alcohol.

4.1. Dosage

Generally, the Expanded Commission E Monographs reports the following total daily dosages:

• 30 to 40 mg of dry or fluid extracts of crushed fruit

• 0.03 to 0.04 mL of fluid extract 1:1 (g/mL), 50-70% alcohol (v/v)

• 0.15 to 0.2 mL of tincture 1:5 (g/mL), 50-70% alcohol (v/v)

• 2.6 to 4.2 mg of dry native extract (9.5-11.5:1 (w/w)

Other references have reported total daily dosages ranging from 20 to 1800 mg/day of crude V. agnus-castus extracts (5,10). V. agnus-castus is considered safe when used orally and appropriately (5).

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