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The best quality ginger comes from Jamaica and consists of whole ginger with the epidermis completely peeled from the rhizomes and dried in the sun for 5 or 6 days, although high-quality, partially scraped ginger used phar-maceutically also comes from Bengal and Australia (3). Extracts are prepared from the unpeeled root, as essential oil can be lost from peeled ginger (1).

Ginger is commercially available in the United States as the dried powdered root, syrup, tincture, capsules, tablets, tea, oral solution, powder for oral solution, as a spice, and in candy, ice cream, and beer (3).

Ginger root is available from several manufacturers as a tea, liquid extract, and as 50-, 250-, 400-, 470-, 500-, 535-, and 550-mg capsules.

Examples include:

• Alvita® Teas Ginger Root tea bag

• Breezy Morning Teas® Jamaican Ginger tea bag

• Celestial Seasonings® Ginger Ease™ Herb tea bag

• Aura Cacia Essential Oil Ginger

• Abunda Life Chinese Ginger powder

• Frontier Ginger — Hawaiian Root capsule

• Nature's Herbs® Ginger Root, 535-mg capsule

• Nature's Plus® Liquid Ginger Extract, 4% volatile oils

• Health Plus Ginger Root extract, 50-mg capsule

• Nature's Answer® Ginger Root Low Alcohol (Liquid)

• Nature's Answer Ginger Root Alcohol Free (Liquid)

• Nature's Herbs Ginger Root Extract (Liquid)

• Nature's Way Ginger Extract (Liquid)

• Quanterra™ Stomach Relief, 250-mg dried ginger root powder (Zintona®) capsule

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