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Maureen Kearney, PhD

Spade-headed wormlizards


Class Reptilia Order Squamata Suborder Amphisbaenia Family Trogonophidae

Thumbnail description

Elongate, limbless, fossorial reptiles with scales arranged in annular rings, eyes greatly reduced or absent, no external ear openings, a spade-shaped head with sharp cutting edges, and an extremely short, pointed tail

\v 1

3.1-9.4 in (80-240 mm)


Number of genera, species

4 genera; 8 species

\ a /

Loose, sandy, or loamy soils

\ i (

No species listed by the IUCN


Trogonophids occur in northern Africa, the island of Socotra, and a disjunct distribution in the Middle East from western Iran to eastern Somalia

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