Reproductive biology

In most species the female is the larger sex. In some boid species, males will fight when competing to breed with a fe male, often incorporating wrestling and biting to achieve dominance. Male anacondas apparently do not engage in combat; groups of males are sometimes observed simultaneously courting one female.

All boine snakes and most erycine snakes are live-bearers. Litters of well-formed live young are born, typically all delivered within a short time. There is one record of a green anaconda delivering 82 young in one litter. A captive East African sandboa, Eryx colubrinus, produced more than 250 young, breeding 14 times in a 16-year period. The Arabian sandboa (E. jayakari), Sahara sandboa (E. muelleri), and the Calabar boa (C. reinhardtii) are oviparous and reproduce by laying eggs.

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