Slender blindsnakes are known to occur in a relatively broad array of habitats, including deserts, tropical rainforests, dry woodlands, savannas, plantations, and boulder-strewn mountain slopes. Throughout these many macrohabitats, however, they are generally found within a relatively narrow range of microhabitats. They are most frequently found in shallow soil, amidst leaf litter and other surface debris, or beneath stones or logs. They are also occasionally encountered within rotten logs, anthills, and termite nests. The strong preference that these tiny snakes appear to have for such microhabitats is likely related at least in part to their extremely high surface-to-volume ratios, which make the crucial tasks of regulating body temperature and minimizing evaporative water loss especially challenging. Laboratory experiments on captive animals suggest that the hydric environment is especially important to these fossorial snakes. When placed in enclosures containing soils of different moisture levels, they avoid the drier soils, choosing instead to seek out microenvironments having higher moisture levels. One form, Leptoty-phlops natatrix, may even be semiaquatic or aquatic. This species, known only from the type specimen collected in Gambia in 1931, has a laterally compressed, oarlike tail (like those seen in sea snakes) and was found in a swamp. Several species of Leptotyphlops have also been found climbing trees. It is unclear, however, whether arboreality is common among these snakes, or if they merely occasionally pursue their prey (mainly ants and termites) into trees.

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