Elapid snakes have diverse habitats. Most are ground dwellers, found everywhere from rainforest to savanna to grassy plains to harsh desert. Some species have a preferred

Monocled cobras (N. naja kaouthia) hatching in Thailand. (Photo by Animals Animals ©Davud M. Dennis. Reproduced by prmission.)

habitat; others are generalists. Some elapids seek shelter under rocks or in rodent burrows; others burrow into loose soil. Most cobras are terrestrial, but some are mostly arboreal or aquatic. African mambas spend most of their time in trees, where they are exceptionally graceful and fast. Almost all of the fully marine seasnakes and the partially marine sea kraits inhabit coral reefs, where they forage for prey, mostly fish and eels. Sea kraits come onto beaches and the surrounding rocks when they need to rest or lay their eggs.

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