The Boidae has one of the most extensive distributions of a snake family. Several genera have disjunct distributions. In the Boinae, Boa occurs in northwestern and northeastern Mexico south through Central and South America, the Lesser Antilles, Madagascar, and Reunion. Eunectes is found in tropical South America from Colombia to Argentina. Corallus occurs in Central America from Honduras south to the Amazon drainage in eastern Bolivia and Brazil; it is found on numerous islands in the West Indies. One species of Epicrates is widespread from southern Central America and South America to Argentina; the other species are distributed throughout the West Indies. Candoia is distributed in the Indo-Pacific region from Sulawesi and the Moluccas, New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago, Melanesia, and Polynesia east to American Samoa.

Of the Erycinae, Charina is found in western North America, including southwestern Canada, western United States, and northwestern Mexico. Charina also occurs in tropical central Africa, from Liberia east to Cameroon, Gabon, and

Congo and into Zaire. In Africa, Eryx occurs in the Sahel region from Mauritania and Senegal to Kenya and Tanzania, northeastern Africa, coastal northern Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula; it also occurs in southeastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Minor to central Asia, India, and Sri Lanka.

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