Conservation status

Although no species are listed in the IUCN Red Book, there are two areas of concern in relation to the conservation status of acrochordid snakes. One is commercial exploitation, largely in relation to the skin trade, and the other is depletion of habitat and its quality. Commercial hunting of file snakes and sale of the products are prohibited by law in some countries where these snakes exist, but such protection is either absent or ineffectively enforced throughout much of Asia. Because of slow growth and low reproductive frequency, file snakes may be quite sensitive to harvesting in areas where such exploitation is intensive. On the other hand, much of the habitat of these snakes is relatively inaccessible to large numbers of human hunters. Other potential threats to file snakes are related to physical disturbances of rivers, estuaries, and wetlands and to various forms of water pollution. The effect of such factors on the distribution and abundance of file snakes is almost totally unknown and is in need of evaluation.

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