Conservation status

Nine species are listed on the IUCN Red List. Seven of these are categorized as Vulnerable: Austrelaps labialis, Deniso-nia maculata, Echiopsis atriceps, E. curta, Furina dunmalli, Ho-plocephalus bungaroides, and Ogmodon vitianus. Two species are categorized as Lower Risk/Near Threatened: Elapognathus minor and Simoselaps calonotus.

Conservation of snakes is relatively rare in most parts of the world, partly because little is known about most species. The best-studied elapid snake is the Australian broad-headed snake. This snake is distributed only in the sandstone country that surrounds greater Sydney. It is now rare and considered Vulnerable. Over the course of more than 10 years, researchers from the University of Sydney have documented the movement, behavior, and habitat preference of these snakes. It has long been known that broad-headed snakes over-winter under rocks on the edges of cliffs. The snakes, however, seemed to disappear in summer, so radio tracking was used to follow their

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