There appears to be a range in the extent of social interactions in the Xenosauridae. Some species, such as X. grandis, are solitary animals that will aggressively interact or even fight when placed in proximity. Such fights may escalate to biting, especially in fights between males, sometimes leaving scars on the lizards' heads. Other species, such as X. platyceps and X. newmanorum, seem to be much more sociable and often occur in pairs.

Perhaps the most interesting social behavior observed in this family is apparent parental care. In two species (X.

newmanorum and X. platyceps), adult females have been found in the same crevice as neonates. In each case, the female had recently been pregnant but was no longer. What is particularly interesting about these female/neonate associations is that the adult female is always seen closer to the crevice opening than the neonate, almost as if she were trying to protect the neonate from a predator trying to enter the crevice.

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