Recommended dosage

The initial dosage of rivastigmine is 1.5 mg taken two times per day. If this dose is tolerated without diffi culty, the dosage may be increased to 3 mg twice a day after at least two weeks at the lower dosage. Some people are unable to tolerate nausea, vomiting, anorexia, and weight loss that occur with higher dosages. If the drug does not cause significant adverse effects, the dose may be increased to 4.5 mg two times per day, followed by 6 mg two times per day. The dosage should be increased slowly, at two-week intervals. If side effects occur and cannot be tolerated, the drug may be stopped for several doses. When the drug is started again, the same dosage or the next lower dosage may be tried. The maximum daily dosage is 6 mg two times per day.

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