The efficacy of entacapone in prolonging the effect of levodopa, along with the recognition that it must be administered with each dose of levodopa, prompted the creation of a preparation combining levodopa, carbidopa, and entacapone into a single tablet. Several clinical trials have demonstrated the bioequivalence of this combination drug (Stalevo) to the administration of carbidopa/levodopa (or benserazide/ levodopa) and entacapone as separate medications (84,85). Patients perceive both the reduction in the number of pills enabled by Stalevo and the smaller size of the Stalevo tablets to be desirable conveniences (86,87). Using a sophisticated mathematical modeling process that accounts for both individual and societal benefits, Findley et al. (88) have concluded that Stalevo is cost-effective when compared with treatment with carbidopa/levodopa alone.

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