Modified Schwab And England Activities Of Daily Living Scale

100%—Completely independent. Able to do all chores without slowness, difficulty, or impairment. Essentially normal. Unaware of any difficulty. 90%—Completely independent. Able to do all chores with some degree of slowness, difficulty, and impairment. Might take twice as long. Beginning to be aware of difficulty.

80%—Completely independent in most chores. Takes twice as long. Conscious of difficulty and slowness.

70%—Not completely independent. More difficultly some chores. Three to four times as long in some. Must spend a large part of the day with chores. 60%—Some dependency. Can do most chores, but exceeding slowly and with much effort. Errors; some impossible.

50%—More dependent. Help with half, slower, etc. Difficulty with everything.

40%—Very dependent. Can assist with all chores, but few alone.

30%—With effort, now and then does a few chores alone or begins alone. Much help needed.

20%—Nothing alone. Can be a slight help with some chores. Severe invalid. 10%—Totally dependent, helpless. Complete invalid.

0%—Vegetative functions such as swallowing, bladder, and bowel functions do not function. Bed-ridden.

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