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Buspirone, an anxiolytic with partial 5-HT agonism and low sedative potential, has not been evaluated in a controlled manner for the management of anxiety in PD. However, in a 12-week randomized, controlled study (n = 16) evaluating the effect of buspirone on PD motor symptoms, moderate doses (10-40 mg/d) of buspirone were associated with a modest beneficial effect on anxiety (41). Higher daily doses (i.e., 100 mg) of buspirone significantly enhanced anxiety and worsened parkinsonism. In a three-week randomized, controlled study (n = 10) evaluating the effect of low-dose buspirone on levodopa-induced dyskinesia, no significant effect on anxiety was noted (62). However, since the therapeutic onset of buspirone requires up to six weeks, the short duration of this study may not have been sufficient to detect any significant anxiolytic effect.

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